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The following publications are suggested if you wish to learn more about sensory integration.

·  Sensory Integration and The Child - By A. Jean Ayres- Published by Western Psychological Services

·  Love Jean - By A. Jean Ayres, Brian Erwin and Zoe Mailloux- Published by Crestport Press

·  Applying Sensory Integration Principles Where Children Live, Learn and Play - Written and produced by Pediatric Therapy Network

·  Tools for Parents - By Diana Henry -

For More Information Contact:

·  The American Occupational Therapy Association Sensory Integration Special Interest Section PO Box 31220 Bethesda, MD 30824-1220 - (310) 652-2682 -

·  The USC/WPS Comprehensive Program in Sensory Integration - Leading to Certification in Sensory Integration including administering and interpreting the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests offered through the University of Southern California/Western Psychological Services - (800) 648-8857 -

·  University of Southern California - Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy - (323) 442-2850

·  Pediatric Therapy Network -(310) 328-0276 -

·  SPD Foundation - (303) 794-1182 -


·  Ayres, Jean A. (2005) Sensory Integration and the Child . Los Angeles, CA. Western Psychological Services

·  Coleman, Gina G., Mailloux, Zoe and Roley, Susanne S. (2004) Sensory Integration: Answers for Parents.

·  Laurel, Marci K., Trott, Maryann Colby, and Windeck, Susan L. Sensabilities: Understanding Sensory Integration



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